Rich Green Consultancy

Technical advisor to Vallabh Group, India on temper rolling

Technical advisor to MacLarens Young on strip coating plant in Saudi

Technical advisor to Metals Consulting International on cold strip, galvanising and tinning in Turkey and on cold strip and tinning in Ukraine.

Advisor on insurance claim to pickling line in Romania for Mouchel Parkman.

Advisor to WS Atkins & Partners on pickling, cold rolling, galvanising, tinning and strip finishing: technical review of steel cold strip rolling and finishing at Karaganda for European BRD; technical audit of pickling, cold rolling and tinplate finishing in Philippines; due diligence on Electro-sheet plant in Romania; Cold rolling and finishing processes and equipment for China; Privatisation of cold rolling and finishing facilities at Huta Florian and Huta Sendzimira in Poland.  Evaluation of tenders for cold rolling and temper mills in China. Technical audit of Sendzimir mill in Bosnia.

Specialist advisor to Steel Engineers & Consultants on strip pickling, cold rolling and finishing processes, laying out new cold strip rolling complex, appraising cold rolling plant for refurbishment and relocation.

Technical review of LAMIGAL galvanising line in Venezuela for potential buyer.

Technical audit of Sendzimir cold rolling and finishing plant in NSM, Thailand for Parkegate Engineering Consultants, UK.

Davy International (Poole)

Developed strip cooling spray control for autobody steel heat treatment in conjunction with TFX Annealing. Ran trials at British Steel and Poole on very wide sprays, and on strip cooling for Sendzimir cold rolling mill.

Transferred NIPCO technology for aluminium foil mills from Sulzer Escher Wyss and developed this into Dynamic Shape Roll for instantaneous profile and flatness control in all types of metal strip rolling mills. DSR technical presentations, conversion of mill stands, stress analysis of DSR roll, modelling of schedules and profile and flatness control. Advised on DSR control and design for conversion of NIPCO roll to DSR at Alcoa Lebanon Foil Mill.

Development projects and technical support in aluminium and stainless steel cold strip rolling, skin pass and temper mills, foil mills, pickling, annealing, galvanising, tinning, coating and strip finishing. Strip rolling models, machine and roll design and stress analysis. Wrote GRECO universal strip rolling model for slab to foil. Developed techno-economic model for complete aluminium hot and cold strip rolling works in Yugoslavia and numerous other studies. Trouble shooting in cold rolling mills, e.g. steel foil mills.

Managed proposals activities for "turnkey" projects - steel and aluminium cold strip mills, foil mills and strip finishing processes, e.g. for Bahrain and Yugoslavia.

WS Atkins & Partners, Epsom

Projects and techno-economic studies, including projects on cold rolling mills such as Effingham Steel, New Zealand Steel.

British Steel, Swinden Laboratories, Rotherham

Studies on steel cold rolling mills and finishing processes in the UK, including stainless plate & strip mills, strip pickling and cold rolling. Scheduling model for stainless cold rolling mill. Investigations into novel cold rolling techniques, e.g. contact-bending-stretch rolling.  Trainee Rolling Mill Engineer with United Steel Companies with experience in all types of rolling mills. Exchange visit to steel strip rolling, finishing and tinplate departments. Apprentice fitter in stainless cold rolling mills and finishing.