Rich Green Consultancy

Created "one man business" systems for time recording, invoicing, client and product databases, accounts, etc… using Office 97, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visual Database, Visual Basic for Applications. Transmitted many forms of reports, data and programs via the Internet to clients around the world.

Completed a large scale process model in Excel 97 / VBA, amounting to 800kB, starting from equations on paper and ending in a spreadsheet with 15 worksheets for input and output driven by 13 structured program modules with 126 subroutines.

Converted public domain and own generated formulae for process models into VBA.  Devised a number of Excel spreadsheets for economic viability studies on plants for metal production.  Contributed modules, data and algorithms to other people's models on large economic projects.

Davy International (Poole)

Technical presentations, engineering stress analysis, modelling of schedules and process control. Training lectures to company staff on new technology, modelling and software techniques.

Development projects and process models, machine design and analysis. Wrote universal strip rolling model. Developed techno-economic model in Smart for complete aluminium works in Yugoslavia. Ran numerous other studies in Fortran, Lotus, Excel and C.

Co-ordinated the transfer of a major suite of Fortran models into C language for a mill automation project.  Supervised studies involving Finite Element Analysis.

WS Atkins & Partners, Epsom

Projects and techno-economic studies on steel mills in many countries.  Created and operated business cost models.

British Steel, Swinden Laboratories, Rotherham

Theoretical and experimental studies on rolling mills.  Devised one of the earliest optimisation programs for a rolling mill, in Fortran on an Elliott 803.  Created roll design programs on magnetic cards for Olivetti 101 machine.

Sheffield University

Wrote theoretical models in Algol to run on a Ferranti Pegasus with 64 kB of RAM and 1 MB drum memory.  Developed an efficient approach to numerical techniques which depended on log tables, slide rules and, at the highest level, a MADAS mechanised calculator!