Rich Green Consultancy (since 1996)

86 Pillars, Chicago, USA

* expert witness on damaged stainless steel coils in Singapore

Metals Consulting International, UK

* Specialist on alloy bar rolling and plate rolling in Poland

Global Steel Consultants, UK

* Specialist on alloy steelmaking, casting, forging and bar rolling in Montenegro

Hatch Beddows, UK:

* Specialist in seamless tube rolling and extrusion for Russian client

* Advisor on special steel bar and rod mills in Scandinavia

WS Atkins & Partners, UK:
* Advisor on stainless steel mills worldwide.
* Expert witness on special steels rod and bar mill in Egypt.
* Technical audit on special steels steelmaking, casting, forging, billet, bar and rod plant at COST, Targovista, Romania.

John Foord (Malaysia)

* Specialist on evaluation of special steels bar and rod mill at Perwaja

Parkegate Engineering Consultants, UK:
* Technical audit of Sendzimir cold rolling and finishing plant in NSM, Thailand

Corus Consulting, UK:
* Specialist on tube and bar rolling and finishing for specialty steels project in Australia.

Transworld Metals, UK:
* Advisor on carbon and stainless strip rolling and finishing.

Lazer Shaving, India:
* Advisor on hot rolling of stainless razor strip.

Davy International (Poole)
* Development projects and technical support for stainless steel, including cold strip rolling, skin pass and temper mills, pickling, annealing and strip finishing.
* Strip rolling models, machine and roll design and stress analysis, rolling models, flatness and gauge control.
* Ran trials on very wide sprays for strip cooling in Sendzimir mill in South Africa.
* Trouble shooting in steel razor strip mills.

WS Atkins & Partners, Epsom
* Projects and techno-economic studies on steel rolling mills in many countries.
* Project Engineer in charge of alloy and stainless billet mill re-organisation at Tinsley Park, rod mill extension to bar mill in Dalsbruk, Finland.

British Steel, Swinden Laboratories, Rotherham
* Studies on steel cold rolling mills and finishing processes in the UK, including stainless plate & strip mills at Stocksbridge, Shepcote Lane and Brinsworth, strip pickling and cold rolling.  
* Computer scheduling model for stainless cold rolling mill at Panteg.
* Trainee Rolling Mill Engineer with United Steel Companies with experience in all types of rolling mills.  Apprentice fitter in stainless cold rolling mills and finishing at Stocksbridge.